Services in which we excel
As a full-service digital marketing agency developed for what's happening now, we’ve focused our systems on what will maximize results in today’s mobile connected environment. Let's redefine what's possible for you and your business:
Email Automation
Our team implements email automation which allows you to send out targeted messages at designated times or based on specific actions, to build personalized intent based relationships with past, current and future customers.
Search Engine Optimization
What used to be a mysterious and often confusing matter, has quickly became an online marketing fundamental that is deeply regarded as a 'must-do' practice in a powerful content strategy. This is something we focus on with expertise and execute successfully time and time again for our clients.
Social Media Advertising
Social media advertising on the top platforms offers an immense array of benefits. Targeting, retargeting, and control of your customers experience. These are all things we at GowansMedia pride ourselves on, as we are practicing experts focused on driving you real business results.
Creative Media Design
At GowansMedia we have a very fresh perspective and our ideas flow endlessly. We come up with our ideas in very fun and energetic ways. Our office is a very playful space, and we make it a really fun challenge for attention, and moreover attention that develops connections, loyal fans, and results.
Sales Funnels
As a team at GowansMedia we know that one of the core strategies in the online marketing today is the sales funnel. We drive the success of our client's business in many different markets using this single core strategy. A sales funnel can take a business from being literally unknown, to a multi-million-dollar profit generating machine with a great deal of branding, practically overnight.
Targeting / Retargeting
The team here at GowansMedia helps our clients locate their perfect customers and then using the industry's most powerful tools we segment your customers into tailored lists that are valuable and relevant to your offers. From there we develop messaging to speak to them where they are in the sales process. Our GowansMedia team consists of experts that help you get underpriced attention so you can predictably capitalize from your marketplace.
GowansMedia Digital Marketing Process Map
Relentlessly verifying results makes certain that progress is real and improving. 
Creatively linking real world data with visual storytelling designed to provoke attention, emotion, and connection is an effective process to ensure consistency throughout our campaigns. By evaluating the response of our creative plan and process, it allows us to implement world class user experiences and minimize points-of-failure. Our adjustments are executed based on numbers and facts, instead of emotions.
Our focus on problems that are the bottleneck for our clients, as we never lose sight of the wants and desires of our client's customers, makes us stand alone in our industry. We create a partnership with our clients to figure out exactly what they need and along the way discover new opportunities; develop emotionally connecting customer experiences; and create profitable business outcomes, that last a lifetime.
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