Our Narrative
Mike Gowans and Michele Oneil are marketing and advertising consultants from Andover, Kansas who combined their individual strengths together to create a predictable system that helps businesses generate more sales. They've mastered the online algorithms and use math and science to get results...not hype!

Mike is a digital marketing expert who helps companies profit wildly through digital marketing. He has personally managed a large digital ad spend on behalf of clients and has been able to consistently prove ROI.

Michele is a marketing and advertising consultant who helps home furnishing stores profit consistently through driving efficiency. She has personally managed a home furnishings company where she was able to grow their sales from $1 million dollars a year too over $2.5 million a year in less than 2 years.

Mike and Michele's clients are some of the fastest growing companies and they use a system that isn't built off of guessing, they focus on what's real. They use scientific method and natural selection to test, collect date, iterate and improve every part of the process to ensure success for their clients.
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