3 Ad Stages Cold, Warm, & Hot Audiences
Stage 1 - Cold Audience

Cold traffic is typically only aware of the fact that they have a problem. They don't know you or your products and so, therefore, you need to send this type of traffic to a warm-up piece of content.

This is usually a free report, free item + shipping, or an advertorial or blog with a video. Whatever the content is, it needs to be designed to help them learn about you and your products. 

You're basically warming them up and getting them to know, like, and trust you.
Stage 2 - Warm Audience

This audience or traffic type are people who are aware of their problem, they know there is a solution, and they know who you are and that you can help them.  

They most likely are already on your email list and/or they've bought something from you in the past.

Here you can start sending this traffic to bigger bolder offers, they need less educational content and more trust building/proof content. 

Think testimonials and fact driven examples of how you can help them.
Stage 3 - Hot Audience

With this type of traffic you can start delivering them straight to hard or direct sales pieces because they already know you, like you, and trust you.

They're fully aware of your products so with this traffic or audience you'll be focusing more on increasing your value in terms of service and how you can help them on a deeper level.

This is where you'll be changing up the selling environment and getting them on the phone or a live webinar so you can move them into a higher priced offer or higher level engagement.

You'd send them to an order form or phone number so you can call them and discuss the next steps with them, this is where you'd be selling or upselling them.

You won't need to sell them on working with you, only trying to meet them where they are in terms of convience and time. 
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